Valentine’s Day is coming up which means if you’re in a relationship you’re probably looking for something sweet to do with your significant other. Have no fear, Greenville has plenty of places that are perfect for a romantic date. Here is a list of 4 adorable Valentine’s Day date ideas in Greenville. 


  1. A Romantic Dinner at Passerelle Bistro


Passerelle is a lovely little restaurant that directly overlooks the falls at Falls Park. You’ve definitely passed by it if you’ve been downtown. It is such a romantic date spot, it’s very intimate on the inside. Passerelle changes their menu constantly to keep their dishes fresh and fun. And on Valentine’s day they usually will give a lady a red rose as you leave. It’s a lovely spot to go with your person! 


  1. Take a Stroll Through Falls Park


After any dinner it is always a good idea to take a walk and let your food settle. Falls Park is the perfect place to do this. Looking at the gorgeous view of the falls from the suspension bridge is the perfect way to end a romantic evening. It may be a little chilly this time of year, but take it as an opportunity to snuggle up with your partner and take in the view.  


  1. Stop for A Drink at Vault and Vator



If you and your partner like to grab drinks together, Vault and Vator would be the perfect spot for you this Valentine’s Day. Vault and Vator is a speakeasy in Greenville that serves incredible craft cocktails. The ambience in this place coupled with their delicious drinks makes it a great spot for a date. 


  1. Brunch at CAMP: A Modern American Eatery


If you and your significant other are morning people, it might be fun to take them on a romantic brunch date to CAMP, the new restaurant in the center of Camperdowns. Like Passerelle, they like to change their menu regularly to keep it fresh and exciting. This is a great place for a new dining experience with your partner!