Why Trivia? Three Major Benefits of Playing Trivia | Sporcle BlogIf you’re like me, you tend to find yourself in a bit of a lull after the holidays. January often feels like slamming on the breaks on I- 385. There is such a massive build up to Christmas and the New Year including tons of parties and dinners, that January’s lack of social events causes you to feel a little down. One of the best ways I’ve found to combat this phenomenon is by setting aside at least one night a week to go to trivia with a group of friends. In the spirit of helping other social butterflies, I have compiled a list of several trivia spots in Greenville that are perfect for escaping those winter blues! 



Group Therapy Pub and Playground - Weekly 7-9 pm


Group Therapy is an excellent place to get a drink and go to trivia. They have some of the best themed nights in town, including DC/Marvel, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones trivia that is sure to draw out all the die-hard fans. And after you’re done you can challenge your friends to a round of mini-golf, ax throwing, or curling!


Tetrad Brewing - Weekly 7-9pm 


Tetrad Brewing provides a great combination of craft brews and challenging questions. 


Growler Haus - Weekly 7:30 pm 


Located in the West Village of Greenville, Growler Haus is yet another great spot for delicious brews and smart questions. 



Pangea Brewing Co. - Weekly 6:30-8:30 pm 


Pangea is  known for their fun general themed nights, like science, sports, and geography! 


The Velo Fellow - Weekly 6:30


Velo Fellow is great for anyone who lives in the West End of downtown Greenville. It is located right next to Smoke on the Water and Eggs Up Grill!


Grateful Brew - Every second Wednesday of every month 7-9 pm 


A coffee shop by day and a brewery by night, Grateful Brew is a super fun spot for family friendly trivia accompanied by food from local food trucks. 


Hoppin’ - Weekly 8pm 


Hoppin’ provides an excellent trivia structure that incorporates a betting system based on how confident you are that your answer is correct. It also sits next to Todaro’s pizza which you can order to Hoppin’ to create the ultimate brews and dinner experience.





Birds Fly South - First Thursday of every month 6:30-9 pm 


BFS and the Greenville Library partner up for this trivia night to provide excellent rotating themes with fun prizes!