As we continue to experience gloomy winter day after gloomy winter day, we thought it would be important to compile a list of one of the best places to work and feel cozy: coffee shops. Greenville is home to many amazing local coffee shops and cafes that are perfect for warming up or sitting with your laptop and being productive. Here is a list of just a few of our absolute favorites. 


Chestnut Coffee House



Located in the ever-growing Verdae area of Greenville, this newer coffee shop has already become an iconic local favorite for many Greenville residents. The coffee house sits right in front of the beautiful Legacy Park and offers a variety of comfortable seating that’s perfect for sitting and mindfully sipping your drink, or bringing work with you and focusing. It is also connected to a small market that carries only local goodies if you want to shop while you sip!

Methodical Coffee 

You’ll find that Methodical Coffee is the most pervasive coffee shop in Greenville, providing its brew to many other local shops in the area. Methodical is located in Downtown Greenville and has an adorable simplistic aesthetic. If you want to enjoy a warm drink and some excellent people watching, this is a great spot for you. 


Village Grind 

Village Grind is a popular option for local college students. As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by a selection of beautiful comfortable furniture, as well as an array of plants dripping down the bookshelves or hanging from the ceiling. The West Village of Greenville is home to several aesthetically-pleasing stores and shops, and this is no exception. 


Coffee Underground 

Coffee Underground provides one of the most unique cafe experiences in Greenville. This shop is located in the basement of a building downtown and offers much more than just coffee. They host many improv and open mic comedy nights in their small theater space that is connected to the sitting area. If you’re looking for a more unique date night, this is a great spot! 


Spill the Beans 

Located in Falls Park in Downtown Greenville, Spill the Beans is a really fun coffee shop with a lot of different options on their menu. In addition to a traditional coffee/tea menu, they also offer the option to make your own smoothie, or if you’re craving sugar they have excellent ice cream! This is one of my favorite stops after a lovely summer day in the park.