Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, which means you might be on the lookout for some fun activities to do with a significant other. If so, you are in luck because Greenville has no shortage of resources when it comes to fun dates. Here are just a few ideas you can take advantage of this Valentine’s Day! 


Passerelle Bistro 

It may come as a shock to you that CNN called this adorable french restaurant “one of the most romantic restaurants in the world”, but to those who have dined there, this really is no surprise. Located in Falls Park with a stunning overlook of the Reedy River, Passerelle is sure to take your breath away. They have a rotating menu to allow for delicious seasonal choices with fresh ingredients, a delicious wine selection, an intimate and cozy environment. To top it all off, on Valentine’s Day they always give you a red rose as you leave. If you’re looking for a more traditional Valentine’s Day experience, dinner at Passerelle is an excellent choice. 


Group Therapy Pub and Playground 

If you’re like me, you enjoy what I like to call “high school dates” which are the dates you would have gone on when you were just beginning to date. You know the ones, the dates to go mini-golfing or bowling or playing games in an arcade. These dates are great because they give you a shared activity to bond over, and it takes away some of the pressure related to conversations over dinner. Group Therapy is an amazing date spot for this kind of date. With a mini-golf course, ax throwing, and curling available alongside its wide selection of beer taps, there is no shortage of fun things to do and talk about. Whether you go with a loved one or a friend, you’ll definitely have a great time! 

Bald Rock 

If you and your partner like to spend time outdoors, then I highly recommend creating a romantic picnic and taking it to Bald Rock for Valentine’s Day. Bald Rock is only about an hour outside of Greenville and requires absolutely no hiking to get to the overlook. Walking out onto the rock you get a stunning view of the upstate and the perfect spot to watch the sunrise or sunset. At this time of year the weather could either be quite pleasant or a bit brisk, so definitely bring a couple of jackets or blankets just in case! 


Speaking of excellent views, if you want a more metropolitan experience with your Valentine’s Day plans, definitely get a reservation for dinner and drinks at Juniper, Greenville’s premier rooftop restaurant and bar. Juniper is impeccably decorated year round and always has an adorable seasonal drink around Valentine’s Day. I highly recommend dressing up and enjoying the views alongside a delicious meal and drinks here. Again, whether you’re here with friends or a partner you’ll definitely have a blast.


Hopefully this article helped provide a few fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day plans! Remember that these all work with either a partner or a friend. I believe whole-heartedly that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love, romantic or otherwise. Even if you’re single, you should still grab a friend and explore one of the many fun local gems Greenville has to offer!