Thanksgiving is one of the best Holidays in my opinion. I love to gather around the table with my family and enjoy a great meal while sharing love with others. But I don’t love it just for the food, I love it because it really is a day meant to remind us to be thankful for what we have. However, there are so many people less fortunate than I am who aren’t guaranteed a happy, safe, and abundant Thanksgiving. This is a great reason to find ways to give back to your community to help others achieve the same holiday experience that you are fortunate to have every year. Here is a list of five organizations you can work with to give back to the Greenville community this Thanksgiving. 


  1. Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and fishes is a local non-profit that works toward eliminating food insecurity in the Greenville area. They rescue food that would otherwise go uneaten and work with partner agencies to distribute it to those in need. They are both decreasing food waste and delivering food to hungry mouths. This would be a great place to donate to or volunteer your time with this holiday season. 


  1. Project Host

Project Host is another amazing organization in the Greenville area. Not only does their soup kitchen provide meals for the hungry, they also provide culinary school to help underemployed individuals, and they have a volunteer gardening program to make their meals healthier. Definitely consider volunteering here this holiday season! 


  1. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is always an incredible place to volunteer during the holiday season. They provide meals for homebound individuals and members of the elderly community who would struggle to get food without the help of this organization. Donate to them or sign up to volunteer with them to spread the love! 


  1. Ronald McDonald House of the Carolinas

Yet another amazing charity in the Greenville area, Ronald McDonald House helps provide comfort, food, and a place to stay for families of children being treated for serious illnesses at the hospital. There are many ways to give to this amazing organization, but one of my favorites is to volunteer to cook dinner in their kitchen for the families staying there. Grab a group of your friends or coworkers and head over there one day to bond with each other and give to others at the same time. 


  1. United Way of Greenville

United Way is an incredible organization that promotes diversity and inclusion in all the communities that it serves. They provide so many different opportunities to get involved and provide for underserved communities. From packing food boxes for families in need, to virtual volunteer days, there’s something for everyone at United Way! Get involved and share the message of equity and inclusion this holiday season!