1. It’s Just Plain Beautiful

From Falls Park in Downtown Greenville to the luscious hills of Paris Mountain State Park, there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes to be found in Greenville. You can venture up to Bald Rock or Pretty Place Chapel for a gorgeous view of the upstate, or you can go downtown to enjoy beautiful architecture and amazing urban planning. Greenville is unique in its own right, and we are so thankful we get to exist in this awesome place.  

  1. It’s a Foodie Paradise 

Greenville’s food scene has exploded over the last few years. With a delicious local restaurant on every corner of Main Street in Downtown, and pockets of restaurants scattered all throughout Greenville and the surrounding areas, there is no shortage of incredible food to indulge in. 

  1. It’s the Nicest City in the U.S.

No, really! This isn’t even my biased opinion, Greenville has been voted the nicest city in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler for three years in a row! I can vouch for this as someone who moved to the area from out of state, the locals really are so kind. Everyone seems to be in a better mood here, 

  1. It’s Constantly Growing 

In the past few years it was estimated that 55,000 people moved into the Greenville area per year, but you can expect those numbers to double in the coming years. Greenville has a high quality of life, friendly locals, good food, and an ever expanding unique metropolitan downtown. In the age of working remotely, many workers are moving to cities where they will be happier. Greenville also has a great job market, as major companies like BMW and Michelin have plants located here that create thousands of job opportunities that many people want to take advantage of. 

  1. It’s Perfectly Located 

Greenville has a fabulous location in the upstate that is 3 hours from the nearest beach, 30 minutes from mountains, and an hour from Asheville, you’re smack dab in the middle of pretty much everything you could ever want. Shopping, hiking, swimming, you name it, there’s something close by for everyone.